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Transfers & Travel Information!

Daydream Island is a tropical paradise island located 5km off the mainland of northern Queensland and right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef National Park.

The Hamilton Island Airport and the Whitsunday Coast Airport are both easy options from which to transfer to your spectacular island get-a-way. From the Great Barrier Reef Airport on Hamilton Island, welcoming staff from the Daydream Island resort will be there to meet you with warm smiles and helpful information. There is not time to hang around an airport when you have a luxurious island waiting for you, so the ferry transfers have been organized so that your comfort, pleasure and fast arrival to the beautiful paradise is top priority.

Staff are on hand to help you with your baggage and belongings and get you onto the wonderful catamaran transfer from the jetty which is located mere minutes walk from the arrival gate at the airport. A spectacular, sleek, top class catamaran awaits and when you board you can now relax, as your holiday has already begun. Enjoy the views of the Whitsunday pass and the beautiful islands dotted around the Great Barrier Reef as you sit back, relax and feel the warm sun and cool breeze already washing your stresses away.

If you land at the Whitsunday Coast Airport, there is a similarly streamlined transfer to get you to the island quickly. A coach will be waiting for you at the arrival gate which will drive the 30minutes necessary to reach the coast and Abel Point Marina at Airlie Beach. From Airlie Beach you will board one of the wonderfully comfortable ferries for a luxurious transfer over to the island which you can already see in the distance, tempting you, inviting you to come and bask on its white sandy shores.

Both airports offer exclusive heli-charter services for those wanting something a little extra special to start their holiday off. Bookings can be made in the arrival lounge for this spectacular birds-eye-view arrival to the beautiful Daydream Island.

Everything is taken care of when you book your holiday to Daydream Island, the resort staff are highly organized and your comfort and pleasure are top priority every step of the way.

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