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What To Bring To Daydream Island!

Daydream is the dream tropical island complete with the perfect tropical climate that you dream about. The island has a beautiful warm sub-tropical climate that is perfect for the beach-side island holidays that island hoppers dream of.

Daydream Island's weather is tropical, in saying that it doesn't really have the full four seasons that other parts of the world are accustomed to. Winter is warm and sunny, Spring and Autumn are delightful and Summer is hot and humid. With the sun shining all year around, Daydream Island is a dreamy holiday destination and escape from the less favorable seasons in other parts of Australia or in the world. Daydream Island has the endless summer that makes it a great destination any time of the year.

Daydream Island experiences both wet and dry seasons, winters are dry and summer is when the island receives its highest amount of rainfall. From December to February it is smart to plan for warm tropical rain because even though it is wet, it is also the warmest time to visit the Islands. The tropical showers are usually light and short lived and there are still beautiful sunny days during the summer months. The average temperature ranges between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius all year around.

The beautiful weather that makes this holiday destination so perfect allows you to spend your days in comfortable beach-wear, summer clothes and light fabrics. It is sensible to pack a light jacket for the evenings during the cooler months (May – September) when the temperature can dip slightly after dark.

Above all, pack light when travelling to Daydream Island; your every need is catered for onsite all you need to bring is yourself, your friends and your family to enjoy paradise with you!

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